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1. Under A Starry Sky

Join us for this powerful program of drama and music proclaiming the hope we have in Christ in the midst of all our circumstances. Come journey with a family who comes face to face with the meaning of Christ’s birth and God’s love for us during a trip back in time to the manger. The program will be approximately an hour long. 11 am.

2. A “Who-ville” Christmas

Come explore the “who’s” of Christmas each Sunday leading up to Christmas day! Worship with us as we sing Christmas carols and songs, pray together, and spend time exploring God’s Word together this Christmas season.

Sermon Series- A Whoville Christmas

Who is Jesus? December 2

Who Did Jesus Come to Save? Dec. 9

Christmas Program- Dec. 16

Who Will You Be this Christmas? Dec. 23

2. Candlelight Christmas Service

December 23rd at 6 pm.